Recycling & Washing Line
PVC Twin Screw Automatic Metering Weighing and Conveying Pelletizing Compounding System
Co-rotating Twin Screw Unterwater Cutting Type Pelletizing Compounding System
Side Shredding Type Recycling Pelletizing System
High Output Single Screw Pelletizing Compounding Extruder

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Application for various plastic materials profile products.
Application for high percentage filler compounding as CaCO3, TiO2, Talc, pigment...etc.
Pelletizer 3HP with Vibrating Screening Unit
Pelletizer 3HP with Vibrating Screening Unit for strand cutting type extruder

About Us

CYKF was established in 1999. Our customers are from different industries around the world. Integrity and Quality are always our top guidelines. We ensure that every piece of equipment must pass a practical running test and adjustment to guarantee the best quality and productivity. We provide reliable, fast, complete and responsible service to customers. Since 2005, CYKF has been devoted to automatic system of extrusion lines in research and development, design, manufacture and integration. In this way, we can reduce the productive cost efficiently by extending the life of the equipment, simplifying operations, human resource cost savings, energy cost saving and assurance of productive quality. Now we have a plentiful sales performance and are experienced in the automatic system of pelletizing for PVC, compounding and plastic recycling, and the automatic system of extrusion lines for pipe and profile.
CYKF not only has sold many extrusion lines to many countries around the world, but also receives trust and praise from users. Our goal is to become acknowledged as an excellent manufacturer of extrusion lines around the world. It’s our honor to have more opportunities to offer you as well as our professional technology and experiences. We are only satisfied with customers’ satisfaction.